Water Treatment

Water Treatment

As summer approaches, checking the quality of your water system means you can enjoy the sun and quench your thirst without worry. With problems like rust and nitrate run-off, you may not realize your property’s water supply is contaminated. At Atlantic Blue Water Services, we take care of your water woes with our safe and professional water treatment solutions.

We identify the cause of water contamination on your property. Depending on the source of the problem, our technicians offer a range of water treatment services that eliminate it. If you have a water treatment unit, regular maintenance ensures that it continues to run correctly without harmful pollutants.

Signs that you Need Water Treatment

If you want to be sure you have safe water, look out for these signs of trouble.

  • Water isn’t transparent: Your water should be crystal-clear. Discolored water indicates a bacteria or rust problem in your pipes. After identifying the reason behind the discoloration, we use safe technology to either destroy bacterial growth or remove rust from your pipe system.
  • Earthy smell or taste: If your water tastes like moss or earth, you probably have algae growth in your water system. Although some algaes are harmless, others release toxins that cause discoloration and health issues.
  • Metallic taste: If your water has the smell or taste of metal, this means that metallic systems or pipes are dissolving. Your water’s acid levels may be too high, which slowly erodes metal over time. These types of issues disappear with an acid neutralizer treatment.
  • Rotten egg smell: You’ll notice this smell in areas where the water contains a large amount of hydrogen sulfide. We eliminate this problem using backwashing filters and aeration devices that neutralize the odor and remove gas buildup.
  • Chlorine smell/taste: Water in Baltimore goes through a chlorination process to eliminate viruses and bacteria. Sometimes, the smell of chlorine is too strong to ignore and gives your water an unpleasant taste. If the problem exists throughout your home, we use carbon filtration. If it’s a standalone tap, we apply reverse osmosis treatment or point of use carbon.
  • Dark stains on clothing: If you notice dark stains on your freshly-washed clothing, you may have too much manganese in your water. We lower your manganese levels using a softening treatment or filtration system.
  • Health problems: When a virus or bacteria exists in your water supply, it causes health issues ranging from nausea to diarrhea. Even if you don’t drink water from your tap, if you shower in contaminated water or wash food with it, you and your family are at risk. We treat water with bacterial contamination using our safe and effective ultraviolet treatment.
  • Run-off: Some problems are not always evident, which is why you should test your drinking water often for nitrate run-off. Nitrates are harmful chemicals that run into water systems from the overfertilization of farms. They are potentially toxic and should not exist in your water. If you test your systems and find nitrate residue, we can help. Through reverse osmosis and nitrate reduction treatment, your tap will once again flow with fresh, clean water.

Water Treatment for a Safe Home

At Atlantic Blue Water Services, we offer a range of water treatment options for your home. Whether the issue comes from a single tap or if the entire property’s water supply needs servicing, our specialists are here to help. We respect your property and time and always ensure fast and reliable service.

We don’t rely on harsh industrial-grade chemicals for our water treatment services. We use the safest technology and equipment to tackle your most challenging contamination sources with our on-site teams. Call our specialists at 410-480-BLUE or 866-380-BLUE for all of your inspection, maintenance, or emergency water treatment needs today.