Bottleless Water Coolers

Bottleless water coolers are now in stock. Stop in to see one today or give us a call. These are available to dispense hot water, cold water, room temperature water or any combination. These are great for residential homes or local businesses that want to provide water for their customers. Eliminate the Hassles of bottled water – With an Atlantic Blue Water Cooler there are no bulky 5 gallon water bottles to lift, store or replace, eliminating the risk of injury. Atlantic Blue also provides service and repair for Pure Water machines and Wellsys purification systems. Service contracts for water coolers also available. If you already own your equipment and need service please call for details.

Bottle-less is More:

Atlantic Blue water coolers with the latest filter technology deliver a continuous supply of clean, filtered, great tasting water from the city or well water source available at your home or office. Point-of-use water dispensers are designed to use that source which is already in place and paid for, without creating a second costly pipeline of trucks for bottled water. We incorporate the latest filter technology, just like large bottling plants do – at a very low per gallon cost and without interruption. There are many models available – from floor standing high capacity models to compact countertop units.

Bottle-less Water Cooler Benefits:

  • Pay pennies per gallon vs. dollars per gallon for plastic water bottles
  • Closed system versus open system – more sanitary
  • No more heavy water bottles to lift
  • No more health risks
  • No more running out of water
  • No more water bottle storage
  • No more water bottle deposits
  • No more bothersome deliveries
  • No more fluctuating bottled water bills
  • Reduces the carbon footprint associated with the production, processing and delivery of plastic water bottles

Replacement filters (Sediment, Pre-carbon, UF membrane or Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Bio-sure Plus and TCR filters) for our bottleless water coolers are available in our retail store. Just come in or call and we can assist in choosing the correct replacement filter.

Atlantic Blue installs bottle-less water coolers in residential homes, businesses and offices throughout Central Maryland and Southern PA. Water cooler service contracts and maintenance agreements are available on all our bottleless water coolers. Any questions on where we can deliver please call or email today.

Go green, help the environment, eliminate hassles of bottled water delivery.